The Process

We'll help you brand yourself online so as to be perceived as an artist and stand out in a noisy industry through visual style and identity.

One of the problems with the process of developing an artist brand is that by being such an obvious goal, it can feel like a sell-out. That very well may be true in some cases were the branding is created more to manipulate an artist to fit into a trend rather than as a promotional strategy to build the artist’s audience.



Your followers have to like you or something about you. It could be your music, or it could be your attitude or your image. You could even say how much you hate your fans and do everything to ridicule them, and that irreverent manner could be just the thing they like about you.



You can’t have a brand unless your followers or potential followers are familiar enough with who you are. They don’t even have to know what you sound like to be interested in you if you have a buzz and they’ve heard about you enough to want to check you out.



Your fans have to feel that either you represent them in a cause or movement (like a new genre of music), or that someday they can be you. Female Olympic athletes usually don’t do well in this category because their sleek and muscular look is so far beyond what the ordinary girl or women can attain that they can’t relate to them.

Our Functions

If you have those three things along with a product that consistently maintains its quality (your music), you’ve got a powerful artist brand.