The 5 C’s of event planning

Organizing an event could be divided in 5 main phases, or for easy remembering, “the 5 C’s” (see image at the bottom).

One of the best and most common ways to showcase the outcomes available for use and enable them for the uptake by target groups is by organising a final event for all relevant audiences that demonstrates all that was achieved by the project and available as legacy for these groups benefit.



The best approach would be to start with schedules (or a Gantt chart) defining the timeline you have before the event. What needs to happen month by month to arrive calmly to the day of the event? Think about who from your event planning teams needs to do what, contact potential speakers you would like to involve, pick the venue, organize all logistics, maybe you want to set some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), start thinking about the promotion of your event, and so on.



First, you need to think about the event concept: why do you want to create this event? What’s the purpose? -Is it for raising awareness about a specific issue? Once you know this, you have to figure out who you want as target audience, the beneficiaries of this event. This will be the basis to then think about how the event should look like, the speakers, the place, and so on.



Once you have all your detailed plan with assigned roles and defined times, you then make sure that all is going according to schedule. Most likely, there will be surprises here and there where things won’t go according to the plan. Be prepared for changes and improvising alternative solutions.